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    “I congratulate you . . . You have won the game.”
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    “I don’t see how he can ever finish, if he doesn’t begin.”
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    “The way of revenge lies simply in forcing one’s way into a place and being cut down. There is no shame in this. By thinking you must complete the job you will run out of time.”
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    “After I finished. I couldn’t stop because there would be nothing left after I stopped.”
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    “Oh, gentlemen, perhaps I really regard myself as an intelligent man only because throughout my entire life I’ve never been able to start or finish anything.”
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    “It’s the job that’s never started as takes longest to finish.”
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    “Then the sooner we’re rid of it, the sooner to rest...”
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    “All right, folks. Let’s finish quickly. ”
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    “There is no road so long and winding as the one that lead you to the finish line. Every bend is meant to test you, every junction made to bring you closer to that place where love and sacrifice meet.”
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    ″‘I finished your song,’ she said. ‘Our last song.‘”
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    “Man likes to make roads and to create, that is a fact beyond dispute. But why has he such a passionate love for destruction and chaos also? Tell me that! But on that point I want to say a couple of words myself. May it not be that he loves chaos and destruction (there can be no disputing that he does sometimes love it) because he is instinctively afraid of attaining his object and completing the edifice he is constructing?”
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    “Description begins in the writer’s imagination, but should finish in the reader’s.”

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