Gramps Quotes

Four of the best book quotes from Gramps
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    “I certainly do know heaps of stories, but I learned most of them from Gramps. Gram suggested I tell one about my mother. That I could not do. I had just reached the point where I could stop thinking about her every minute of every day.”
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    “Gramps always ends this story by saying, “That bed has been around my whole life, and I’m going to die in that bed, and then that bed will know everything there is to know about me.”″
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    “I think fear had made us all a little cantankerous. I had spent the night in the waiting room. Gramps offered to get me a motel room, but I was afraid that if I left the hospital, I would never see Gram again.”
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    “Gram and Gramps knew that I wanted to see Momma, but that I was afraid to.”