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11 of the best book quotes from Harry
“And with those few little words he gave a shape to my whole life, my everything, my who and what I am. The wonderful, all-seeing, all-knowing man. Harry. My dad. If only I was capable of love, how I would have loved Harry.”
Jeff Lindsay
Darkly Dreaming Dexter
Dexter Morgan
serial killer
“When Conor started having that nightmare, that’s when Harry noticed him, like a secret mark had been placed on him that only Harry could see.”
″ ‘Conor O’Malley,’ he said, his voice growing poisonous now. ‘Who everyone’s sorry for because of his mum. Who swans around school acting like he’s so different, like no one knows his suffering.’ ”
“When no one was looking he picked a few nits off the paper towel. Then he wandered over to Peter and casually fingered a lock of his hair. ‘Mum!’ squealed Peter, ‘Henry’s pulling my hair!‘. ‘Stop it, Henry,’ said Dad. ‘I wasn’t pulling his hair,’ said Henry indignantly. ‘I just wanted to see how clean it was. And it is so lovely and clean,’ added Henry sweetly. ‘I wis my hair was as clean as Peter’s.’ Peter beamed. It wasn’t often that Henry said anything nice to him.
“Full of sympathetic characters, wildly imaginative situations, and countless exciting details, the first installment in the series assembles an unforgettable magical world and sets the stage for many high-stakes adventures to come.”
“On the other hand, he’d got into terrible trouble for being found on the roof of the school kitchens. Dudley’s gang had been chasing him as usual when, as much to Harry’s surprise as anyone else’s, there he was sitting in the chimney. The Dursleys had received a very angry letter from Harry’s headmistress telling them Harry had been climbing school buildings.”
He finds out that he is in fact famous, and a wizard! Unknown to Harry, his parents died when they came up against the evil Lord Voldemort, and it was Harry that killed Lord Voldemort, with only a lightning bolt scar on his forhead to show for it. He is “the boy that lived”. As Harry enrols at Hogwarts School Witchcraft & Wizardry, he meets new friends, and comes up against old enemies.
″‘Excuse me’, Harry said to the plump woman. Hullo dear.′ she said. First time at Hogwarts? Ron’s new too.′ She pointed at the last and youngest of her sons. He was tall, thin and gangling, with freckles, big hands and feet and a long nose. ‘Yes, said Harry, ‘The thing is- the thing is, I don’t know how to.. ‘How to get in the platform?’ she said kindly, and Harry nodded. ‘Not to worry,’ she said. ‘All you have to do is walk straight at the barrier between platforms nine and ten. Don’t stop and don’t be scared you’ll crash into it, that’s very important. Best do it at a bit of a run if you’re nervous. Go on, go now before Ron.”
“Though Harry’s first year at Hogwarts is the best of his life, not everything is perfect. There is a dangerous secret object hidden within the castle walls, and Harry believes it’s his responsibility to prevent it from falling into evil hands. But doing so will bring him into contact with forces more terrifying than he ever could have imagined.”
“The problem was, strange things often happened around Harry and it was just no good telling the Dursley’s he didn’t make them happen. Once, Aunt Petunia, tired of Harry coming back from the barber’s looking as though he hadn’t been at all, had taken a pair of kitchen scissors and cut his hair so short he was almost bald except for his fringe, which she left to hid that horrible scar. Dudley had laughed himself silly at Harry, who spent a sleepless night imagining school the next day, where he was already laughed at for his baggy clothes and Sellotaped glasses. Next morning, however, he had got up to find his hair exactly as it had been before Aunt Petunia has shared it off. ”
“A mysterious visitor rescues him from his relatives and takes him to his new home, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. After a lifetime of bottling up his magical powers, Harry finally feels like a normal kid. But even within the Wizarding community, he is special.”

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