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Five of the best book quotes about inseparable
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    “Both boys felt a shadow bulk the drive between houses, both flung up their windows, both poked their heads out, both dropped their jaws in surprise at this friendly, this always exquisite timing, this delightful pantomime of intuition, of apprehension, their tandem teamwork over the years.”
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    “You wouldn’t let me come alone. You’re always going to be around, aren’t you, Will? To protect me?”
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    “Though I am King of the universe, I am totally accessible to you. I am with you wherever you are. Nothing can separate you from My Presence!”
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    “Remember that nothing can separate you from My loving Presence; you are Mine.”
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    ″‘I’ve told you before,’ said Mike. ‘We’re not supposed to be separated. Remember? You and me, we stick together.‘”