Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence Quotes

20 of the best book quotes from Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence
“BE ON GUARD against the pit of self-pity. When you are weary or unwell, this demonic trap is the greatest danger you face. Don’t even go near the edge of the pit.”
“Try saying, ‘I trust You, Jesus,’ in response to whatever happens to you.”
I am meant to be the Center of your consciousness, the Anchor of your soul. Your mind will wander from Me, but the question is how far you allow it to wander.”
“Marvel at the wonder of communing with the Creator of the universe while sitting in the comfort of your home.”
“I will not show you what is on the road ahead, but I will thoroughly equip you for the journey. [...] Thus, you can walk through this day with your focus on Me. My abiding Presence is the best road map available.”
“You hear Me in the depths of your being. Deep calls unto deep. You are blessed to hear Me so directly. Never take this privilege for granted. The best response is a heart overflowing with gratitude. I am training you to cultivate a thankful mind-set.”
“DO NOT RESIST OR RUN from the difficulties in your life. These problems are not random mistakes; they are hand-tailored blessings designed for your benefit and growth.”
“Remember that the evil one is the father of lies. Learn to recognize his deceptive intrusions into your thoughts. One of his favorite deceptions is to undermine your confidence in My unconditional Love.”
“Embrace all the circumstances that I allow in your life, trusting Me to bring good out of them. View problems as opportunities to rely more fully on Me.”
“I AM ABLE to do far beyond all that you ask or imagine. Come to Me with positive expectations, knowing that there is no limit to what I can accomplish.”
“Accept each day just as it comes to you. Do not waste your time and energy wishing for a different set of circumstances. Instead, trust Me enough to yield to My design and purposes.”
“Remember that nothing can separate you from My loving Presence; you are Mine.”
“I, the Creator of the universe, am the most creative Being imaginable. I will not leave you circling in deeply rutted paths. Instead, I will lead you along fresh trails of adventure, revealing to you thing you did not know.”
“I AM WITH YOU AND FOR YOU. You face nothing alone-nothing! When you feel anxious know that you are focusing on the visible world and leaving Me out of the picture.”
“DO NOT WORRY ABOUT TOMORROW! This is not a suggestion but a command.”
“Though I am King of the universe, I am totally accessible to you. I am with you wherever you are. Nothing can separate you from My Presence!”
“You Are On The Right Path. Listen more to Me, and less to your doubts. I am leading you along the way I designed just for you.”
“My invitation never changes: Come to Me, all you who are weary, and I will give you rest. Worship Me by resting peacefully in My Presence.”
“I know you intimately - far better than you know yourself.”
“Be careful that your devotion to ME does not become another form of works.”
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