Tim Quotes

Five of the best book quotes from Tim
“He has a dog, Tim, a stray who just arrived at the cottage, one day shortly after the Harrison family moved in.”
“Everybody for miles around Goose Lane used to buy their groceries at Mr. Potter’s shop. He had three assistants and Tim the errand boy and three cats to keep away mice. He also had a pony called Brandy.”
“When it was wet or too cold and rough to play on the beach, Tim would visit his old friend, Captain McFee.”
“It was a lovely day. The sea was blue, and the little waves danced and sparkled in the sunshine. Tim got more and more excited as they neared the steamer, as he had never been in one before.”
“Now one day, the old boatman told Tim that he was going out in his motor boat to a steamer which was anchored in the bay. Would Tim like to come, too, and let him a hand with the boat? Tim was overjoyed.”
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