Jamie Kinkaid Quotes

Six of the best book quotes from Jamie Kinkaid
“What happened was: they became a team, a family of two. There had been times before they ran away when they had acted like a team, but those were very different from feeling like a team. […] You might call it caring. You could even call it love. And it is very rarely, indeed, that it happens to two people at the same time—especially a brother and a sister who had always spent more time with activities than they had with each other. ”
“And in the course of those miles Claudia stopped regretting bringing Jamie along. In fact when they emerged from the train at Grand Central into the underworld of cement and steel that leads to the terminal, Claudia felt that having Jamie there was important. ”
“I didn’t say differently, I said different. I want to go back different. I, Claudia Kinkaid, want to be different when I go back. Like being a heroine is being different.”
“Jamie sighed, ‘I gave him seventeen cents. So it wasn’t such a great tip. […] We’re broke. How do you feel about that, Miss Taxi Rider?’ ‘Pretty uncomfortable,’ she murmured. ‘There’s something nice and safe about having money.’ ”
“Jamie was quiet for a minute, then he said, ‘We probably have no conscience. I think we ought to be homesick. Do you think Mom and Dad raised us wrong? They’re not very mean, you know; don’t you think that should make us miss them?’ ”
″ ‘Well, you’ve known me for as long as I’ve known me,’ he said smiling.”
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