Judges Quotes

Three of the best book quotes from Judges
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    “Neither of the two men, at these times, showed the least hostility toward me, and everything went so smoothly, so amiably, that I had an absurd impression of being ‘one of the family.‘”
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    ″‘I hit him, sir,’ said Jurgis.
    ‘Say ‘your Honor,″ said the officer, pinching his arm hard.
    ‘Your Honor,’ said Jurgis, obediently.
    ‘You tried to choke him?’
    ‘Yes, sir, your Honor.’
    ‘Ever been arrested before?’
    ‘No, sir, your Honor.’
    ‘What have you to say for yourself?’
    Jurgis hesitated. What had he to say? In two years and a half he had learned to speak English for practical purposes, but these had never included the statement that some one had intimidated and seduced his wife.”
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    “In the general course of human nature, a power over a man’s subsistence amounts to a power over his will. ”