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    “We’re in the business of saving lives, Matthew. With every degree that we allow ourselves to move off the mark of perfection as officers, more people die- that’s a responsibility that I take pretty seriously. ‘Cause I absolutely believe that simply taking a Marine who’s not yet up to the job and packing him off to another assignment is the same as sending a kid into the jungle with a weapon that backfires.”
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    ″‘I hit him, sir,’ said Jurgis.
    ‘Say ‘your Honor,″ said the officer, pinching his arm hard.
    ‘Your Honor,’ said Jurgis, obediently.
    ‘You tried to choke him?’
    ‘Yes, sir, your Honor.’
    ‘Ever been arrested before?’
    ‘No, sir, your Honor.’
    ‘What have you to say for yourself?’
    Jurgis hesitated. What had he to say? In two years and a half he had learned to speak English for practical purposes, but these had never included the statement that some one had intimidated and seduced his wife.”
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    “Officers try to prove we are lying.”
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    “This, I realized now watching Dienekes rally and tend to his men, was the role of the officer: to prevent those under this command, at all stages of battle--before, during and after--from becoming “possessed.” To fire their valor when it flagged and rein in their fury when it threatened to take them out of hand. ”
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    “That was Dienekes’ job. That was why he wore the transverse-crested helmet of an officer. His was not, I could see now, the heroism of an Achilles. He was not a superman who waded invulnerably into the slaughter, single-handedly slaying the foe by myriads.”
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    “You are the commanders, your men will look to you and act as you do. Let no officer keep to himself or his brother officers, but circulate daylong among his men. Let them see you and see you unafraid.”
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    “If there is no work, make it up, for when soldiers have time to talk, their talk turns to fear. Action, on the other hand, produces the appetite for more action.”
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    “Fear conquers fear. This is how we Spartans do it, counterpoising to fear of death a greater fear: that of dishonor. Of exclusion from the pack.”