King Birtram Quotes

Eight of the best book quotes from King Birtram
“Then the King punished Droon in a most fitting way. He sent him to live by himself, with a guard of Patrol Cats, in that old deserted house with the sign that said “MEASLES.” And he made him eat Nizzards three times a day. ”
“And when they played the really PLAYED. And when they worked they really WORKED.”
“Everything in Binn, depends on our Patrol Cats. They are more important than our army, our navy, and our fire department too, for they keep the Nizzards away from the Dike Trees, and the Dike Trees keep the ocean back out of our land.”
“A grown-up King on stilts, does look rather strange. But it’s hard work being King, and he does his work well. If he want to have a bit of fun... sure! ... let him have it!”
“He couldn’t keep his mind on his work. His commands to the Patrol Cats sounded feeble and faint. The cats seemed to know it and wouldn’t obey. Day by day they grew lazier and lazier.”
“Then all afternoon, both in winter and summer, the King made his rounds by the edge of the seas. Every root of every Dike Tree he inspected every day.”
“But to Eric, his page boy, the King gave a fine and just reward. He ordered the royal carpenter to make another pair of stilts... tall stilts, red and flashing, exactly like his own.”
“Up onto the stilts sprang Birtram, the King. He drew a great Kingly breath-- the first one in weeks. His head shot up high; his chest broadened wide. Birtram of Binn was sturdy, straight and strong again, and every inch a King.
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