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“It is fun to have fun But you have to know how.”
“A lot of good tricks. I will show them to you. Your mother Will not mind at all if I do.”
“You will like these two things,” Said the cat with a bow.
“But I like to be here. Oh, I like it a lot!”
“Nobody’s ever asked me to a party before, as a friend!”
“Nothing is any fun if you can get as much of it as you want. Especially money.”
“When I see birches bend to left and right Across the lines of straighter darker trees, I like to think some boy’s been swinging them.”
“It’s fun in the sun.”
“Once a child starts to excel at something—whether it’s math, piano, pitching or ballet—he or she gets praise, admiration and satisfaction. This builds confidence and makes the once not-fun activity fun.”
“For it is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas, when its mighty Founder was a child himself.”
“Oh, the places you’ll go! There is fun to be done! There are points to be scored. There are games to be won.”
We drank hot cocoa as thick and rich as melted chocolate bars.
“If you never did, you should. These things are fun and fun is good.”
“Today is gone. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.”
“Never do anything by halves if you want to get away with it. Be outrageous. Go the whole hog. Make sure everything you do is so completely crazy it’s unbelievable.”
Bigwig and Hawkbit chased each other through the long grass. Speedwell jumped over the little brook that ran down the middle of the field and when Acorn tried to follow him and fell short, Silver joked with him as he scrambled out and rolled him in a patch of dead oak leaves until he was dry. As the sun rose higher, shortening the shadows and drawing the dew from the grass, most of the rabbits came wandering back to the sun-flecked shade among the cow parsley along the edge of the ditch. Here, Hazel and Fiver were sitting with Dandelion under a flowering wild cherry. The white petals spun down around them, covering the grass and speckling their fur, while thirty feet above a thrush sang, “Cherry dew, cherry dew. Knee deep, knee deep, knee deep.”″
“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”
″‘My heart is really pounding,’ I said. ‘That’s how you know you’re having fun,’ Margo said.”
″‘You should have Hugo throw you in the pool.’ The golem turned his head toward Seth, who shrugged. ‘Sure, that would be fun.’ Hugo nodded, grabbed Seth, and, with a motion like a hook shot, flung him skyward. ... Her brother sailed nearly as high as the roof of the house before plummeting down and landing in the center of the deep end with an impressive splash. Kendra ran to the side of the pool. By the time she arrived, Seth was boosting himself out of the waster, hair and clothes dripping. ‘That was the freakiest, awesomest moment in my life!’ Seth declared. ‘But next time, let me take off my shoes.‘”
“Great day for up Mt. DIll-ma-dilts.”
“He had been wont to despise emotions: girls were weak, emotions–tears– were weakness. But this morning he was thinking that being a great brain in a tower, nothing but brain, wouldn’t be much fun.”
“Everybody’s doing ups!”
“If you’d never been born, then you might be an ISN’T! An Isn’t has no fun at all. No he disn’t.”
“Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”
“Hennie made life come alive—bein with her was like being with fun...Hennie just love peoples. She was a person that could make the good things come out of you.”
“It’s real easy, he doesn’t weigh much and I’m pretty sure I remember looking back and seeing him up in the wagon happy as can be, like he’s really enjoying the ride and not embarrassed to have me pulling him around.”
“When you discard arrogance, complexity, and a few other things that get in the way, sooner or later you will discover that simple, childlike, and mysterious secret known to those of the Uncarved Block: Life is Fun.”
“That was what Curt had given her, this gift of contentment, of ease. ”
“I would like to make fun plans with you, but then just do ordinary things; or plan ordinary things but find we have stepped through a wardrobe into a world of ordinary magic.”
“He didn’t know why he had become President of the Galaxy, except that it seemed a fun thing to be.”
“This is ... this is going to be a fun night.”
“You spent the whole day being angry with Michael. Did you notice how much fun we had?”
“If there was ever a more perfect day in the history of time it isn’t one I’ve heard about.”
“Being a big brother is going to be fun.”
“Without wasting any time, Babar goes into a big store. He enters the elevator. It is such fun to ride up and down in this funny box, that he rides all the way up ten times and all the way down ten times.”
“And having such fun, such a wonderful rest, decided she’d NEVER go back to her nest!”
“Fox in Socks, our game is done, sir. Thank you for a lot of fun, sir.”
“Last summer when Olivia was little, her mother showed her how to make sand castles.”
This is a really fun, playful poetry book and I can see why children would like it. Honor Brown tells of school in a very imaginative, negative way which is actually really funny.
Bridget’s attempts to cope with these unruly guests actually hint in an exaggerated way at what real siblings might be like. The book is fun; it’s funny; it makes a delightful treat. Very nice for a little reader with a taste for unruly humor
“All those NUPBOARDS in the CUPBOARDS they’re good fun to have about. But that NOOTH GUSH on my TOOTH BRUSH...Him I could do without.”
“I can lick thirty tigers today!”
“A grown-up King on stilts, does look rather strange. But it’s hard work being King, and he does his work well. If he want to have a bit of fun... sure! ... let him have it!”
The Better Hunch said, “We’ll head downtown. We’ll pick up your good friend James and together we’ll trot to some real cool spot and we’ll place a few video games!”
“I can’t stand hunting. I just can’t stand it. It doesn’t seem right to me that men and boys should kill animals just for the fun they get out of it.”
“He was cheeky and cheerful, friendly and fun, he’d chase after leaves and he’d roll in the sun.”
″‘Wow!’ said snake, ‘What a din! Sounds like fun-let me join in!’ Hisssss Hissssss...”
“The friends had so much fun that night, jumping in and out, making the water go up and down, that they made more mess than ever before.”
“And if it can’t be fun, what’s the point?”
“I thought you were a Parsee and celebrate only the Parsee festivals.” “Oh no, no, no, boy,” cried Mr. Panwallah comically. “What would be the fun of that? And why should I miss the fun of all the Hindu and Muslim festivals? No, no, I believe in sharing everything, enjoying everything. That is why I have so much fun, eh? No gloom for me, eh?”
“I like my mom because she’s pretty and good fun and she brings me lovely presents.”
“Oh, how good everything tasted in that bower, with the fresh wind rustling the poplar leaves, sunshine and sweet woods smells about them, and birds singing overhead! No grown-up dinner party ever had half so much fun. Each mouthful was a pleasure; and when the last crumb had vanished, Katy produced the second basket...”
“The fun and frolic seemed to grow greater the longer they played. In the excitement, time went on much faster than any of them dreamed. Suddenly, in the midst of the noise, came a sound - the sharp distinct slam of the carryall-door at the side entrance. Aunt Izzie had returned from her lecture.”
″‘That does it,’ said Jace. ‘I’m going to get you a dictionary for Christmas this year.’ ‘Why?’ Isabelle said. ‘So you can look up ‘fun.’ I’m not sure you know what it means.‘”
“It was Monday morning, it was pouring with rain, and it was everyone’s first day back at St Barty’s Primary School after the Christmas holidays. That’s why Class Three were in a bad temper.”
“Ken, you know the world is full of unpleasant things. Pain and operations and sickness and discomfort. You mustn’t mind. That’s just the way life is. Besides all that, there is health and goodness and soundness and fun and happiness, too, for horses as well as boys- much more of the good things then the bad- ”
“in a way they didn’t cost anything at all. After the last present had been opened and the last candle on the tree blown out, they played charades and hide-and-seek all over the house. It was all great fun; but everybody suddenly thought about the time. This was the end, and Christmas Day was over for another year, which was a miserable feeling.”
″‘If you keep looking out for fun,’ the old man said, ‘you will see the Wolves as like as not. Or won’t you?‘”
“The most fun of all for Bruce was rock tumbling. There were lots of rocks in Forevergreen Forest - great jumbles of them. With a swipe of a paw the bear sent them tumbling down the steep slopes three and four at a time. The tumbling rocks shattered logs and flattened the bushes and brush, leaving no place for the rabbits and quail to hide. So they took off in a panic to go leaping and dodging and flying pell-mell in every direction.”
“Whenever the tiny bear was feeling frisky and ready for fun he flipped pebbles around as if they were boulders just to scare the wits out of the grasshoppers, the beetles and caterpillars. From a bug’s-eye view Bruce was a great big hairy-scary horrible brute of a beast.”
“They also had a Father who was just perfect—never cross, never unjust, and always ready for a game—at least, if at any time he was NOT ready, he always had an excellent reason for it, and explained the reason to the children so interestingly and funnily that they felt sure he couldn’t help himself.”
“Great day for up on ferris wheels!”
“Wake every person, pig, and pup, till everyone on earth is up!”

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