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Seven of the best book quotes about match
“No pain could match the emptiness of separation, no agony rivaled the unreality of not being with her.”
“I would like to see you. But: I would only like to see you with your feeling space, and desire, the parents of bravery, and curiosity. I would like you to want to see me without you feeling seduced or pressured. I would like to see you without our playing games: for games are for winners and losers and I do not ever want to win against you, or for you to lose against me, and I do not want to lose against you or for you to win against me. For we are part of the whole, the main, as Donne said—and your gain is mine and my loss is yours. Love is about finding one’s match, which means we shall touch our minds and hearts together at once, and never condescend or aim for any goal between us but the truth.”
“When I was drunk and Lydia was insane we were nearly an equal match.”
“But to Eric, his page boy, the King gave a fine and just reward. He ordered the royal carpenter to make another pair of stilts... tall stilts, red and flashing, exactly like his own.”
“Ever since the worm incident, Rowley has been hanging out with Collin Lee every day after school. What really stinks is that Collin is supposed to be MY backup friend. These guys are acting totally ridiculous. Today, Rowley and Collin were wearing these matching T-shirts, and it made me just about want to vomit.”
“But the marriage of Google and OKRs was anything but random. It was a great impedance match, a seamless gene transcription into Google’s messenger RNA.”
“Then a moment’s pause, while both sides look up at the spinning ball. There is flies, straight between the two posts, some five feet above the cross-bar, an unquestioned goal; and a shout of real, genuine joy rings out from the School-house players-up, and faint echo of it comes over the close from the goal-keepers under the Doctor’s wall. A goal in the first hour - such a thing hasn’t been done in the School-house match these five years.”
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