Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain Quotes

11 of the best book quotes from Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain
“A young boy wants to be a sailor, but his parents say he is much too young. Tim grabs the chance to stow away on a steamer.”
“When it was wet or too cold and rough to play on the beach, Tim would visit his old friend, Captain McFee.”
“It was a lovely day. The sea was blue, and the little waves danced and sparkled in the sunshine. Tim got more and more excited as they neared the steamer, as he had never been in one before.”
“The opening lines of the very first story were a droll Ishmael-like call to adventure that gave great promise of wonderful things to come.”
″ Little Tim’s decision to run away to sea has the kind of ups and downs not often found in most children’s lives. The crew, annoyed at finding a stowaway on board, make him a cabin boy.”
“Now one day, the old boatman told Tim that he was going out in his motor boat to a steamer which was anchored in the bay. Would Tim like to come, too, and let him a hand with the boat? Tim was overjoyed.”
“The Captain would tell him about his voyages and sometimes give him a sip of his grog, which made Tim want to be a sailor more than ever.”
“Little Tim lived in a house by the sea. He wanted very much to be a sailor, but his parents said he was much too young and must wait for years and years, until he was grown up.”
″... but little does he expect the hard work, stormy sea and sinking ship to come!”
“When it was fine he spent the day on the beach playing in and out of the boats, or talking to his friend the old boatman, who taught him how to make the special knots that sailors make and many other things about the sea and ships.”
“He’s allowed to cry when he’s set to scrubbing the deck, but easily perks up when handed a mug of hot cocoa and becomes the best, most popular cabin boy ever when he decides to work hard at his new job.”
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