Lon Po Po Quotes

11 of the best book quotes from Lon Po Po
″‘Your grandmother has caught a cold, grand children, and it is dark and windy out here. Quickly open up, and let your Po Po come in,’ the cunning wolf said. Tao and Paotze could not wait. One unlatched the door and the other opened it. They shouted, ‘Po Po, Po Po, come in.‘”
″‘Po-Po,’ Shang said. ‘How is it that you come so late?‘” The wolf answered, ‘The journey is long, my children, and the day is short.‘”
″‘Po Po,’ Paotze shouted. There was still no answer. The children climbed to the branches just above the wolf and saw that he was truly dead. Then they climbed down, went into the house, closed the door, locked the door with the latch and fell peacefully asleep.”
″‘Good children,’ the wolf begged, ‘pluck some for me.’ ‘But Po Po, gingko is magic only when it is plucked directly from the tree. You must come and pluck it from the tree yourself.‘”
“At once, Shang lit the light and the wolf blew it out again, but Shang had seen the wolf’s hairy face.”
″‘I am so small and weak, Po Po,’ Shang pretended. ‘I could not hold the rope alone.’ ‘This time I will help,’ Tao said. ‘Let us do it again.‘”
″‘Gingko is soft and tender, like the skin of a baby. One taste and you will live forever,’ Shang said, ‘and the nuts grow on the top of the tree just outside the door.‘”
″‘My little jewels,’ said the wolf, ‘this is your grandmother, your Po Po.’ ‘Po Po!’ Shang said. ‘Our mother has gone to visit you!‘”
“But at that moment, Shang coughed and they all let go of the rope, and the basket fell down and down and down. Not only did the wolf bump his head, but he broke his heart to pieces.”
“Be good while I am away, my heart-loving children; I will not return tonight. Remember to close the door tight at sunset and latch it well.”
″‘Po Po, Po Po, I have a plan. At the door there is a big basket. Behind it is a rope. Tie the rope to the basket, sit in the basket and throw the other end to me. I can pull you up.‘”
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