Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile Quotes

11 of the best book quotes from Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile
“Everyone smiled happily... even Loretta.”
“Lyle was always one for sharing.”
“The house on East 88th Street. Mr. and Mrs. Primm and their son Joshua live in the house on East 88th Street. So does Lyle. Listen: SWISH, SWASH, SPLASH, SWOOSH! That’s Lyle.... Lyle the Crocodile.”
“Lyle wanted desperately to win Loretta over. He tried flashing the sweetest, most toothsome smile at her to show how really friendly he was. But this only frightened the distrustful animal even more.”
“There was little they could do, at least for the moment to prevent Mr. Grumps from putting Lyle in the zoo. Lyle’s first night was difficult indeed. ”
“Lyle could spend hours watching building construction.”
“Lyle is the bravest, kindest, most wonderful crocodile in the whole, wide world. I would consider it a privilege and a pleasure to have him as out neighbor once more.”
“Bit if Lyle was happy, he was making someone else unhappy; perfectly miserable in fact. That someone else was Loretta, Mr. Grump’s cat. ”
“Something has to be done about that crocodile”
“The very though of never seeing the house on East 88th Street again was grim indeed and too much for him to endure. Signor Valenti read his thought and decided Lyle should have one last look at the house on East 88th Street.”
“Lyle moved back to the house on East 88th Street that very night.”
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