getting rid of something Quotes

Six of the best book quotes about getting rid of something
″‘Do you love me mommy?’ ‘Yes, very much.’ ‘Then get rid of Tootsie,’ Fudge said. ‘I’m sick of her. She’s no fun.‘”
“I said bury those stilts. What’s more, young man, don’t you ever come back or I’ll have you locked up. I’ll have no impudent boy around this castle.”
“There was little they could do, at least for the moment to prevent Mr. Grumps from putting Lyle in the zoo. Lyle’s first night was difficult indeed. ”
“Something has to be done about that crocodile”
″‘You and my father,’ -she glowered at poor Mr. Herbert- ‘did it ever occur to you that you couldn’t always get rid of me simply by shoving me into some school?‘”
“He felt that he had entered into an agreement with something weird and uncanny; something which did not belong to his world, and he was only too glad to get rid of the horrid thing.”
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