malice Quotes

Five of the best book quotes about malice
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    The heavens continue their loves!
    I think there is not in the world either malice or
    matter to alter it.”
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    “She was angry at Ezra Pound because he had sat down too quickly on a small, fragile and, doubtless, uncomfortable chair, that it is quite possible he had been given on purpose, and had either cracked or broken it. That finished Ezra at 27 rue de Fleurus. That he was a great poet and a gentle and generous man and could have accommodated himself in a normal-size chair was not considered. The reasons for her dislike of Ezra, skillfully and maliciously put, were invented years later.”
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    “There was nothing innocent about that man, and every one in the room knew it.”
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    “Time felt crept by slowly, with clear malice towards me. All I could do was grip my teeth and try to hold back my tears...”
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    “Officers try to prove we are lying.”