5 Centimeters per Second Quotes

20 of the best book quotes from 5 Centimeters per Second
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    “I see why now Tohno-kun is different from the others. Like the rocket shooting off into space, on the loneliest journey to the far end of the solar system.”
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    “Over the past few years, I’ve wanted to move on, I’ve wanted to take hold of something I couldn’t reach. What that is, I have no idea.”
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    “I’ve been worried for a long time. I’ve just been doing what I could. I don’t really have much choice.”
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    “Maybe we tried to leave as much memories of ourselves with each other because we knew one day we wouldn’t be together any more.”
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    “I probably just want to leave a trace of myself behind in this world.”
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    “Reality is brimming over with beautiful things, scintillating feelings. How many of them have I been missing?”
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    “Yesterday, I had a dream... A dream I have had since long ago. In that dream, we had yet to turn 13. We were in a vast countryside, completely covered with snow. The lights of the houses extended far into the distance, a dazzling sight.”
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    “We walked on the thick carpet of fresh snow, but did not leave any footprints. And like that... ‘Someday we will be able to watch the cherry blossoms together again’. Both of us, without any doubt... That’s what we thought.”
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    “I’m just trying to live my life, but it seems as if sadness always piles itself up around me. It’s in my bed, the toothbrush in my bathroom, and the memory of my cellphone.”
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    “Not knowing where such obsessive thoughts were coming from, I simply drowned myself in my work. ”
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    “In the end, the train stood 2 hours motionless in the middle of nowhere.
    Every minute seemed like an eternity.”
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    “At what speed must I live to be able to see you again?”

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    “I love you. I can’t remember when I fell in love with you but very naturally, I had fallen in love with you before I knew it. The first time I met you, you were a strong and kind boy. You always protected me.”
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    “I still don’t know what it really means to grow up. However, if I happen to meet you, one day in the future, by then, I want to become someone you can be proud to know.”
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    “Because he’s always looking at something beyond me. He can never see me. I cried myself to sleep, thinking of him.”
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    “Akari... Please, don’t wait for me...
    If you’d just go home.”
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    “The feelings were still fresh as if it all just happened yesterday.”
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    “Then one day I realized that my heart was withering, and in it there was nothing but pain. And that my beliefs, that I once held so passionately, had completely disappeared.”
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    “This is not the place for me. I really think that I don’t belong here. But I don’t know where I want to go, and I don’t have legs that can carry me somewhere.”
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    “Time felt crept by slowly, with clear malice towards me. All I could do was grip my teeth and try to hold back my tears...”
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