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    “It’s Mother who has to listen to [everyone in the village] laughing,” I pointed out.
    “I wish I could spare her that.” Father chewed the end of the brush’s wooden handle. “We have the easy part. All we have to do is fly. She has to live in the village.”
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    “I stared at the brick as it slid across the clean, worn, wooden floor, and at the glass that scattered about my feet. Outside I could hear jeers and shouts. For one moment I glimpsed howling, sweating, red-and-white faces, distorted into hideous masks of hatred and cruelty, a sea of demon heads that bobbed restlessly outside our store. I could not understand the words they were growling out, but their intention was plain. They wanted to burn and loot and hurt. Looking into that huge mass of faces was like looking into the ugliest depths of the human soul.”
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    “To think that now never again would that smiling face be seen on their streets—never again would that cheery little voice proclaim the gladness of some everyday experience! It seemed unbelievable, impossible, cruel.”
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    “I shall revenge myself in the cruelest way you can imagine. I shall forget it.”
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    “The ducks pecked him, the chickens beat him, and the girl who fed the poultry kicked him with her feet. So at last he ran away, frightening the little birds in the hedge as he flew over the palings.”
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    “My front four teeth are gone, I have a hole in my cheek, my nose is broken and my eyes are swollen nearly shut.”
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    “I must be cruel only to be kind;
    Thus bad begins, and worse remains behind.”
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    “All too often women believe it is a sign of commitment, an expression of love, to endure unkindness or cruelty, to forgive and forget. In actuality, when we love rightly we know that the healthy, loving response to cruelty and abuse is putting ourselves out of harm’s way.”
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    “What if cruelty had grown into a common passion? What if in this interval the race had lost its manliness, and had developed into something inhuman, unsympathetic, and overwhelmingly powerful?”
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    “It seems like at some point you’d run out of awful.”
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    “You teach me now how cruel you’ve been—cruel and false. Why did you despise me? Why did you betray your own heart, Cathy? I have not one word of comfort.”
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    “Why don’t they cut their own children’s ears into points to make them look sharp? Why don’t they cut the end off their noses to make them look plucky? One would be just as sensible as the other. What right have they to torment and disfigure God’s creatures?”
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    “Everywhere one may hear of ravenous dogs and wolves, and cruel men-eaters, but it is not so easy to find states that are well and wisely governed.”
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    “The place you fight cruelty is where you find it, and the place you give help is where you see it needed.”
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    “Making a famine where abundance lies,
    Thy self thy foe, to thy sweet self too cruel.”
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    “My doctrine is this, that if we see cruelty or wrong that we have the power to stop, and do nothing, we make ourselves sharers in the guilt.”
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    ″ The human animal is a beast that dies but the fact that he’s dying don’t give him pity for others. ”
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    “But also because the underlying struggle - between worlds of plenty and worlds of want; between the modern and the ancient; between those who embrace our teeming, colliding, irksome diversity, while still insisting on a set of values that binds us together, and those who would seek, under whatever flag or slogan or sacred text, a certainty and simplification that justifies cruelty toward those not like us...”
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    “Human history in all ages is red with blood, and bitter with hate, and stained with cruelties; but not since Biblical times have these features been without a limit of some kind.
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    “Sauron was become now a sorcerer of dreadful power, master of shadows and of phantoms, foul in wisdom, cruel in strength, misshaping what he touched, twisting what he ruled, lord of werewolves; his dominion was torment.”

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    “Aw, Brick, you—BREAK MY HEART! ”
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    “I found you as a morsel cold upon Dead Caesar’s trencher. ”
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    ″‘People tend to overestimate my character,’ I say quietly. ‘They think that because I’m small, or a girl, or a Stiff, I can’t possibly be cruel. But they’re wrong.‘”
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    “I’m pragmatic. If I were cruel, I’d give him a eulogy instead of a conversation.”
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    ″ ‘Speak’, she begged silently. ‘Give me a reason to stay’. For all his selfishness and cruelty, Kaz was still the boy who had saved her. She wanted to believe he was worth saving, too.”
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    “I suppose all the old fairy tales are more or less true. And you’re simply a wicked, cruel magician like the ones in the stories. Well, I’ve never read a story in which people of that sort weren’t paid out in the end, and I bet you will be.”
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    “The cruel world slipped away from me, and with it went all the other bad things in my life;”
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    As flies to wanton boys are we to th’ gods;
    They kill us for their sport.
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    “On the third of June, at a minute past two,
    where once was a person, a flower now grew...
    The world was much crueler an hour ago.
    I’m glad someone decided to give flowers a go.”
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    “I could tolerate any form of cruelty better than kindness. Praise was a poison to me; I choked on it.”
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    “I swore, by the compact of the Sisterhood, that I would do you no harm. Had I not so sworn I would change you into a black-beetle, and I would pull your legs off, one by one, and leave you for the birds to find, for putting me to this indignity.”
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    “For these ten years you’ve lived with everything I’ve lost and loved another woman through it all. And I’m cruel. I could peel you like a pear and God would call it justice ...”
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    “And besides, it is not improbable that some scrupulous people might be apt to censure such a practice (although indeed very unjustly) as a little bordering upon cruelty, which, I confess, hath always been with me the strongest objection against any project, however well intended.”
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    “I am selfish and cruel and extremely unreasonable. But I am your servant. When you starve I will feed you; when you are sick I will tend you. I crawl at your feet; for before your love, your kisses, I am debased. For you alone I will be weak.”
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    “Oh, I will be cruel to you, Marya Morevna. It will stop your breath, how cruel I can be. But you understand, don’t you? You are clever enough. I am a demanding creature.”
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    “Life is a cruel, horrible joke and I am the punch line.”
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    “Indeed it is evident that Christianity, however degraded and distorted by cruelty and intolerance, must always exert a modifying influence on men’s passions, and protect them from the more violent forms of fanatical fever, as we are protected from smallpox by vaccination.”
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    ″‘You been married?’
    ‘What happened?’
    ‘Mental Cruelty,’ according to the divorce papers.
    ‘Was it true?’ she asked.
    ‘Of course: both ways.‘”
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    “Unlimited power in the hands of limited people always leads to cruelty. ”
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    “Doesn’t look like much of a god now.”

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