Walk in my Shoes Quotes

20 of the best book quotes from Walk in my Shoes
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    “Taking Mum’s hand, I whispered ‘Are we really safe, here?’ ”
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    “Zainullah’s angry now. Zahra’s withdrawn. She used to be so bright and bubbly. But I think it’s making Hassan get some sense. Everyone gets nightmares.”
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    “But that’s like the Terror. Everyone who didn’t do what they wanted was removed. Had we landed in a situation like the one we’d just escaped from?”
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    “Guards kept telling us that no one wanted us in Australia.”
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    “Any problem that arose was too much for Mom now.”
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    “Officers try to prove we are lying.”
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    “Not weak, not strong. Different...”
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    “His quiet presence since leaving home had helped and reassured me. And more and more I’d found a liked being near him.”
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    “I sat quietly in a kind of daze (...) far from my bubbly little sister.”
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    “It’s not possible to be this frightened and to stay alive.”
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    “So we are in prison here because the government doesn’t want us.”
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    “I know I’ll be alright when we get out.”

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    “Muslim women should dress traditionally and wear a scarf, even though he always wore western gear.”
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    “Why do they keep us behind high wire fences like we are criminals?”
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    “While it is true there are people who don’t want us here, there are others who welcome us, and are happy to share their country with us.”
  4. #16
    “They take away our people’s lives.”
  5. #17
    “I usually tell the two Z’s stories about home, and about Dad and our Bahkhuls or Arjays. Yes, it is good they hear these stories. Not about things from here.”
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    “Mum seemed more and more often to sit gazing out of the window, oblivious to us.”
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    “She was getting more and more headaches, and spending more time in our room.”
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    “I wouldn’t have done it if I had known people wouldn’t believe us.”
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