McDuff's Wild Romp Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from McDuff's Wild Romp
“There was a hullabaloo right under the dining room table. Fred jumped to his feet and knocked over his chair. ‘Stop, McDuff!’ commanded Fred. ‘Bad pussycat!’ shouted Aunt Frieda.”
“Up the stairs and down the stairs, Purlina chased McDuff. But she did not catch him before McDuff had swallowed the Turkey Tidbit whole.”
“Purlina did not want hime behind Uncle Nate. She flattened her ears and hissed like a log sizzling in the fire. ‘What was that?’ asked Uncle Nate.”
“Purlina shows her claws and clicks her teeth at McDuff. She won’t even let him sit on the sofa. When an Organic Turkey Tidbit falls from the dinner table, a mad chase ensues.”
“The noise startled Aunt Frieda. She bumped into Grandpa Floyd, who stepped on Cousin Rose’s foot, who knocked against the baby’s high chair.”
“Sunday dinner becomes a wild rampage when McDuff and Purlina (the aunt’s cat) fight over the baby’s dropped turkey tidbit.”
“They slunk toward the turkey Tidbit while the family ate their crab cakes. Salad followed the crab cakes. Closer and closer they tiptoed.”
“They sneaked and peeked under the table. Just as the family was finishing the salad, McDuff and Purlina reached the Turkey tidbit.”
“He knew they were going to Aunt Frieda’s house. Aunt Frieda’s house means only one thing to McDuff-mean, old Purlina the cat!”
“In the car, McDuff knew immediately they were not heading for Lake Ocarina, or the Take-Out Steak-Out, or Dog Training School. ”
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