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Nine of the best book quotes about to shout
“Mrs. Tod took off her apron. ‘I don’t mind the rain,’ she said. ‘Why don’t I go hunting?’ ‘Because you are a woman,’ shouted Mr. Tod, ‘and a mother. Your place is here at home, looking after the cubs. I will go hunting.”
“The duck climbed to the ground, shook itself, and looked at the top of the tree. After looking for some time, he shouted: ‘– Hey, you up there!”
“There was a hullabaloo right under the dining room table. Fred jumped to his feet and knocked over his chair. ‘Stop, McDuff!’ commanded Fred. ‘Bad pussycat!’ shouted Aunt Frieda.”
“I shall go mad through lack of sleep! My father has banned the dog from the house so it barked outside my window all night. Just my luck! My father shouted a swear-word at it. If he’s not careful he will get done by the police for obscene language.”
“The next morning, just before breakfast, she shouted, ″It’s something to do with food! People food - not possum food. But I can’t remember what. We’ll just have to try and find it.′ ”
“Did you ever hear of Mickey, how he heard a racket in the night and shouted, ‘Quiet down there!’ and fell through the dark, out his clothes, past the moon & his mama & papa sleeping tight into the light of the night kitchen?”
“Then Grandpa pours some batter into the frying pan, and Dusty pours all of his milk into the batter. ‘No, no, no, NO! I am going crazy!’ shouts Grandpa. He puts Dusty on the floor again.”
“You shouldn’t have done that, boy,′ shouted the mate; ‘you don’t throw stew at me, boy. I’ll have you up the masts. Remember when you climbed the mast last time, your head spun and we had to bring you down?”
″ ‘Hooray! shouted Yertle. ‘I’m king of the trees! I’m king of the birds! And I’m king of the bees! I’m king of the butterflies! King of the air! Ah, me! What a throne! What a wonderful chair! I’m Yertle the Turtle! Oh, marvelous me! For I am the ruler of all that I see!’ ”
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