Nasreddine Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from Nasreddine
“The following week, Nasreddine persuades his father to walk, and let him ride...but then people criticize the boy for making his father walk!”
“Mustafa rode on the donkey’s back, and Nasreddine walked behind. The path was still muddy from the last rainfall, so the young boy took oof his slippers to keep them from getting dirty.”
“But when onlookers criticize his father for riding while Nasreddine walks, the boy is ashamed.”
“No matter what Nasreddine tries, it seems that someone always finds something to disapprove of.”
“It’s time to go to market, so Nasreddine loads up the donkey and sets off with his father.”
“Nasreddine is a legendary character popular in stories told throughout the Middle East, and this clever story will bring him to a new audience.”
“Nasreddine took the bottom of his robe in his mouth and scrambled up onto the donkey, pleased with his trick _no one would make fun of this father walking calmly behind, his head wrapped in a handsome turban.”
“One morning, Nasreddine was sitting on a carpet in the shade of a palm, drinking camel’s milk with cinnamon, when his father Mustafa called him: ‘Nasreddine, bring the donkey from the stables. We are going to the market.”
“Nasreddine brougth the animal to his father, and together they loaded a large basket of dates onto the donkey’s back.”
“The following week, Nasreddine sheared wool from the sheep, who had been suffering from the heat ever since Spring had come. The sheep wiggled to avoid the burn of the razor, but the boy wS careful no to hurt their soft pink skin.”
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