panicking Quotes

10 of the best book quotes about panicking
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    ″‘Father!’ Jasnah shouted.
    Gavilar hesitated as he stepped out onto the balcony, looking back at her. The balcony broke beneath him. Jasnah screamed, dashing through the room to the broken balcony, falling to her knees at the edge. Wind tugged locks of hair loose from her bun as she watched two men fall.”
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    “The thought of drove him on, but he ran no more than a hundred feet, when he staggered and pitched headlong. It was his last panic. When he had recovered his breath and control, he sat up and entertained in his mind the conception of meeting death with dignity.”
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    “I’m well aware that at the back of my mind, thumping quietly like a drumbeat, are the twin horrors of Guilt and Panic.”
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    “When we experience panic, it means that we’re about to cross a threshold.”
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    “Isolation and the potential loss of loving connection is coded by the human brain into a primal panic response.”
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    “The whole wood seemed running now, running hard, hunting, chasing, closing in round something or—somebody? In panic, he began to run too, aimlessly, he knew not whither.”
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    “It was from the artists and poets that the pertinent answers came, and I know that panic would have broken loose had they been able to compare notes.”
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    “I woke feverish, panicky. Guilty. I do feel guilty. Just not guilty enough.”
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    “I hadn’t expected physical pain. A burning sensation in my chest as if a large smoldering boulder had somehow lodged there overnight. A king of drawn-out slowly unfolding panic. The exact opposite of excitement.”
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    “It was more of a panic it was the panicky dread of losing yourself even from yourself. It made him a little sick at his stomach.”