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    “What guyle is this, that those her golden tresses
    She doth attyre under a net of gold,
    And with sly skill so cunningly them dresses,
    That which is gold or haire may scarse be told?
    Is it that mens frayle eyes, which gaze too bold,
    She may entangle in that golden snare;
    And, being caught, may craftily enfold
    Their weaker harts, which are not wel aware?
    Take heed therefore, myne eyes, how ye doe stare
    Henceforth too rashly on that guilefull net,
    In which if ever ye entrapped are,
    Out of her bands ye by no meanes shall get.
    Fondnesse it were for any, being free,
    To covet fetters, though they golden bee!”
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    “I’ve always wanted her hair, though I’d never tell her that. Where hers is like fire, my hair is what we call river brown. Dark at the root, pale at the ends, as the color leeches from our hair with the stress of Stilts life. Most keep their hair short to hide their gray ends but I don’t. I like the reminder that even my hair knows life shouldn’t be this way.”
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    “Mr. Pontellier wore eye-glasses. He was a man of forty, of medium height and rather slender build; he stooped a little. His hair was brown and straight, parted on one side. His beard was neatly and closely trimmed.”
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    “Nobody’s going to save you. No one’s going to cut you down, cut the thorns thick around you. No one’s going to storm the castle walls nor kiss awake your birth, climb down your hair, nor mount you onto the white steed. There is no one who will feed the yearning. Face it. You will have to do, do it yourself.”
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    “I, for one, am delighted at the new addition to our busy street. Just think, now you can mail a letter, have a meal, and get your hair done all on the same block.”
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    “We had a lot of hairy legs in our ward. Early feminists.”
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    “Not just new—but big and awkward. With crazy hair, bright red on top of curly. And she was dressed like… like she wanted people to look at her. Or maybe like she didn’t get what a mess she was… Like something that wouldn’t survive in the wild.”
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    “Brightness Markal! What a disaster that hairstyle is; how brave of you to show it to the world.”
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    ″‘If you don’t want people to look at you,’ Park had thought at the time, ‘don’t wear fishing lures in your hair.‘”
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    “He did have really cute hair. Really, really… It was completely straight and almost completely black, which, on Park, seemed like a lifestyle choice. He always wore black, practically head to toe.”
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    “‘Oh no!’ My hand flew to my hair. ‘No, Johnny, not my hair!‘”
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    “If you have braids, they will think you are unprofessional. ”

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    “I sneak a glance at him from behind my hand. Here is someone who truly does come from another planet - a planet where all humans are perfectly formed and have amazing hair.”
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    ″‘You figure some kind of cult? […] The long hair, no surnames, the state of that tooth…‘”
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    “Jok made the sounds indicating he was ready to sleep, so she took off her hat and unwound her hair, scratched her head, and sighed. The weight of her hair on her back reminded her that she was not who she was. That she was a secret.”
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    “Those eyes, ’neath which my passionate rapture rose,
    The arms, hands, feet, the beauty that erewhile
    Could my own soul from its own self beguile,
    And in a separate world of dreams enclose,
    The hair’s bright tresses, full of golden glows,
    And the soft lightning of the angelic smile
    That changed this earth to some celestial isle,—
    Are now but dust, poor dust, that nothing knows.
    And yet I live! Myself I grieve and scorn,
    Left dark without the light I loved in vain,
    Adrift in tempest on a bark forlorn;
    Dead is the source of all my amorous strain,
    Dry is the channel of my thoughts outworn,
    And my sad harp can sound but notes of pain.”
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    Hercule Poirot addressed himself to the task of keeping his moustaches out of the soup.
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    “You’d find it easier to be bad than good if you had red hair... People who haven’t red hair don’t know what trouble is.”
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    “I know it is just plain red, and it breaks my heart. It will be my life long sorrow.”
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    “It’s my lot in life to forever envy anyone taller than I am. Oh well.. a little tease and a back comb and my hair gets me at least 2″ closer to heaven.”
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