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26 of the best book quotes about climbing
“We don’t reach the mountaintop from the mountaintop. We start at the bottom and climb up. Blood is involved.”
“There were many ways down Mount Fuji, according to my guidebook, but only one way up. Life lesson in that, I thought.”
“Unlike most babies, Stuart could walk as soon as he was born. When he was a week old he could climb lamps by shinnying up the cord.”
″ ‘If you become a rock on the mountain high above me,’ said his mother, ‘I will be a mountain climber, and I will climb to where you are.’ ”
“Then I panicked. I dropped the hammer and shot up that enormous tree like a monkey. I didn’t stop until I was as high as I could possibly go, and there I stayed, quivering with fear. ”
″ I haven’t seen anything all day. I have been trying to climb this rock.”
“Hundred of years ago they had climbed through the hills, carrying the few things they owned on their back, looking for somewhere in this strange land that they could claim as their own. They had come from far away, across the sea. They had fought a terrible enemy. On the coast they had heard, from the wandering native people called the Travelers, of a place at the bottom of a forbidden mountain in the high country far inland.”
“Doctor De Soto climbed up the ladder and bravely entered the fox’s mouth. ‘Ooo-wow!’ he gasped. The fox had a rotten bicuspid and unusually bad breath. ‘This tooth will have to come out,’ Doctor De Soto announced. ‘But we can make you a new one.’ “
“Kipper put the blanket back in his basket. He found his rabbit. ‘Sorry Rabbit,’ he said. He found his bone and his ball. ‘I like my basket just the way it is,’ yawned Kipper. He climbed in and pulled the blanket over his head.”
“The garden always made Mog very excited. She smelled all the smells. She chased the birds. She climbed the trees. She ran round and round with a big fluffed-up tail. And then she forgot the cat flap”
“But then Mrs MacNally’s Maureen had a very good idea. She ran to ask the window cleaner, who was working up the street, if he would bring his ladder and climb up to the bathroom window. And, of course, when the window cleaner heard about Alfie he came hurrying along with his ladder as quickly as he could.”
“Mrs MacNally’s Maureen was a big girl. Right away she came and joined Mum and Annie Rose and Mrs MacNally on the top step. ‘Mmm, might have to break a window,’ she said. ‘But I’ll try to climb up the drain-pipe first, if you like.’ “
“They gout out of the dangerous downdraught, but it left them only six hundred feet above the rocky bottom of the pass. In vain Terry tried to bring the plane up. So much banking and wheeling was necessary to avoid the cliffs that the little plane had no energy left for climbing.”
“ ‘Let’s try making ourselves into a tower,’ said Duck. ‘Good idea!’ said Bramwell. Little Bear climbed on top of Rabbit’s head and Rabbit hopped onto Duck’s beak. They stretched up as far as they could, but then Duck opened his beak to say something. Rabbit wobbled, and they all collapsed on top of Bramwell.”
“Rabbit climbed on to the bed and began to bounce up and down. The others joined him. They bounced higher and higher but still they couldn’t reach the trap door in the ceiling.”
“ ‘I’ve got it!’ he cried. ‘I could climb up this plant, swing from the leaves, kick the trap door open and jump in!’ In case it wobbled, Bramwell Brown, Duck and Rabbit steadied the pot. Little Bear bravely climbed up the plant until he reached the very top leaf. He took hold of it and started to swing to and fro, but he swung so hard that the lead broke and he went crashing down. Luckily, Bramwell Brown was right underneath to catch him in his paws.”
“Bramwell gave Little Bear two big handkerchiefs and a flashlight so he could see into the attic. Then he began to wind up the propeller of the plane. Rabbit and Little Bear climbed aboard and Bramwell began the countdown: ‘Five! Four! Three! Two! One! ZERO!’ They were off! The plane whizzed along the carpet and flew up into the air.”
“When they arrived at the zoo it was closed, and there was a high wall all around. ‘Never mind,’ said the gorilla, ‘up and over!’ They went straight to the primates. Hannah was thrilled.”
“Then Mr. Grumpy and the goat and the calf and the chickens and the sheep and the pig and the dog and the cat and the rabbit and the children all swam to the bank and climbed out to dry in the hot sun.”
″ ‘Close your eyes,’ said Frederick, as he climbed on a big stone. ‘Now I send you the rays of the sun. Do you feel how their golden glow…’ And as Frederick spoke of the sun the four little mice began to feel warmer.”
“There are moments when it is a fine thing to be tall. On this occasion Katy’s long legs and arms served her an excellent turn. Nothing but a Daddy Long Legs ever climbed so fast or so wildly as she did now. In one second she had gained the top of the fence. ”
“Nothing ever went wrong at the back of the north wind and the only thing one ever missed was someone he loved who had not yet got there. But if one at the back of the north wind wanted to know how things were going with any one he loved, he had only to go to a certain tree, and climb up and sit down in the branches.”
“They ran through a tunnel. They chased little orange. They climbed a mountain. When they were tired they went home.”
“He was the most excited baby dragon that ever lived. My father was in a hurry to fly away, and when the dragon finally calmed down a bit my father climbed up onto his back.”
“I’ve already said we spent hours and hours in the trees, and not for utilitarian reasons, like many boys, who climb up just to look for fruit or birds’ nests, but for the pleasure of overcoming difficult protuberances and forks, and getting as high as possible, and finding beautiful places to stop and look at the world below, to make jokes and shout at those who passed under us.”
“Old Buggsy, the caretaker, goes up about once a year on a ladder. I’ve been up there, as well. I think I’m the only kid in the school that has. You see, I like climbing. It feels good.”

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