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12 of the best book quotes about jungles
“He stood there, rubbing his injured shoulder, and Rainsford, with fear again gripping his heart, heard the general’s mocking laugh ring through the jungle.”
″‘JUMANJI,’ Judy read from the box, ‘A JUNGLE ADVENTURE GAME.’ ‘Look,’ said Peter, pointing to a note taped to the bottom of the box. In a childlike handwriting were the words, ‘Free game, fun for some but not for all. P.S. Read instructions carefully.‘”
“It had been fun-those two months in India. He would miss Uncle Ralph, miss the days they had spent together in the jungle, even the screams of the panthers and the many eerie sounds of the jungle night. Never again would he think of a missionary’s work as easy work.”
“Dancing and playing and stomping their feet, as they move to the rhythm of this jungle beat.”
“Drac fights off the Gremlin’s treacherous attach with her ultra-laser beam. She chases him into the quivering jungles, across the bubbling seas, and through the dark and poisonous fumes of the black volcano.”
“Drac speeds through the jungle, but she can feel the fire from the Dragon’s mouth. She turns to fight. But the Dragon is too big, too fierce. The Terrible tongue is poised to destroy her.”
“Drac and the Gremlin spring before General Min can attack. The General is caught by surprise. With a howl of despair she flees deep into the jungle.”
“Drac the Warrior Queen and the crafty Gremlin leave the palace of the White Wizard for their secret jungle hideout...always on the alert for their next perilous mission.”
“Ezzie said every jungle emergency had a simple solution.”
“She could move to the jungle and live in a tree and talk to the monkeys instead of to me.”
“He could see the dingo immediately above him, its coat a deep gold in the sunlight, its head cooked curiously to one side. Its eyes, he notices, conveyed a sense not of alarm, but of trust.”
“You are my friend, and you are a good, hard-working man. As a favor to me, I ask that you go to live in the jungle and exercise often in the clean air so you will feel better.”
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