Philippa Quotes

Nine of the best book quotes from Philippa
″‘There are two things I’m quite certain of,’ I remarked, as we discussed the day’s doings while we brushed and plaited our hair. ‘I shall dislike Ernestine Salt exceedingly, but I’ve simply fallen in love with Catherine Winstanley.‘”
“Somehow, after my friendship with the Winstanleys I realized that in some subtle way the bond between my father and myself grew and strengthened.”
“His gratitude to my kind friends knew no limit, yet I think all the same he felt it hard that he should miss those years of my life when I was receiving my most vivid impressions...”
“You get into mischief the moment my back is turned. I’m sure the children never thought of doing such things before you came!”
“As an only child, and a motherless one, I suppose I had been spoilt, though to be very dearly loved does not always necessarily mean to be over-indulged.”
“Though she loved her children, in her practical, unsentimental way, they were to her always “the children”, to be ruled and reared, clothed and educated, but never in any respect her companions.”
“I really think the boys laughed as much as we did, for they were good natured enough not to mind a joke at their own expense.”
“We had secretly hoped that the other would win the prize, so to share it between us was a satisfaction to us both.”
“I’ve always longed for a younger sister, so I’m going to adopt you, Philippa dear, and try to believe that you’re really and truly mine.”
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