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Seven of the best book quotes about taking care of others
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    “Taking care of other people can be a god cure for nightmares.”
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    “Taking care of others, helping others, ultimately is the way to discover your own joy and to have a happy life.”
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    “A compassionate concern for others’ well-being is the source of happiness… a self-centered attitude is the source of the problem. We have to take care of ourselves without selfishly taking care of ourselves. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we cannot survive. We need to do that. We should have wise selfishness rather than foolish selfishness.”
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    ″‘Throat never heals, does it?’ said the nurse speaking in a loud, sure voice to Old Phoenix […] ‘Yes. Swallowed lye. When was it?—January—two—three years ago—‘”
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    “No, missy, he not dead, he just the same. Every little while his throat begin to close up again, and he not able swallow. He not get his breath. He not able to help himself. So the time come around, and I go on another trip for the soothing-medicine.”
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    “She lifted her free hand, gave a little nod, turned around, and walked out of the doctor’s office. Then her slow step began on the stairs, going down.”
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    “He suffer and it don’t seem to put him back at all.”