Pigeon (Paul) Bowen Quotes

Five of the best book quotes from Pigeon (Paul) Bowen
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    ″‘Not kill us,’ Pigeon corrected. ‘She was mainly just trying to turn us into mindless slaves.‘”
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    ″‘Could you just call me Pigeon?’ he asked the teacher when she read his name.
    ‘Does your mother call you Pigeon?’
    ‘Then to me you are Paul.’
    ‘Nathan Sutter,’ the teacher read.
    ‘My mother never calls me Nathan.’
    ‘Is it Nate?’
    ‘She calls me Honeylips.‘”
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    ″‘We have a club,’ Pigeon said, receiving a glare from Summer.
    ‘What sort of club?’ Mrs. White asked.
    Pigeon looked to Summer. ‘We explore stuff,’ Summer said.
    ‘And ride bikes,’ Nate added.”
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    ″‘Okay, I’ll do it first.’ He popped the Moon Rock into his mouth.
    ‘Feel any different?’ Pigeon asked eagerly.
    ‘A little,’ Nate said. ‘Sort of tingly. It tastes really good. I almost feel . . .’
    He moved to take a step and floated up into the air. He rose slowly, his feet reaching the height of Trevor’s eyes before he drifted downward to land gently on the ground.
    ′ . . . lighter,′ Nate finished, bewildered.”
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    ″‘Are you the real Nate?’ Pigeon asked.
    ‘We’re all the real Nate,’ Nate said. ‘It’s complicated.‘”