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Five of the best book quotes about joking
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    ″‘Are you her boyfriend?’
    ‘No, I’m her fiancé.’ Nate said.
    ‘We’ve been promised to each other since birth,’ Summer added.
    ‘Our wedding isn’t until March.‘”
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    ″‘Could you just call me Pigeon?’ he asked the teacher when she read his name.
    ‘Does your mother call you Pigeon?’
    ‘Then to me you are Paul.’
    ‘Nathan Sutter,’ the teacher read.
    ‘My mother never calls me Nathan.’
    ‘Is it Nate?’
    ‘She calls me Honeylips.‘”
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    “Can’t you home school me?” Nate pleaded.
    “You would never do any work.” [Nate’s mom]
    “Sounds perfect!”
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    ″‘Nate, why don’t you go outside for a while? I saw some kids playing out there.’
    ‘But I don’t know them.’
    ‘Then go get acquainted. When I was your age, I was friends with whoever happened to be out roaming the neighborhood.’
    ‘Sounds like a good way to get stabbed by a hobo,’ Nate grumbled.
    ‘You know what I mean.‘”
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    “Martha: Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf…
    Honey: Oh, wasn’t that funny? That was so funny.”
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