The Candy Shop War Quotes

20 of the best book quotes from The Candy Shop War
“My dad says people who insist that you trust them usually don’t deserve it. You don’t need to give me more candy, but I earned the candy that I have. Everything you’ve had us do so far has seemed shady, and this new assignment is the shadiest yet. I just don’t trust you.”
“Can’t you home school me?” Nate pleaded. “You would never do any work.” [Nate’s mom] “Sounds perfect!”
″‘Could you just call me Pigeon?’ he asked the teacher when she read his name. ‘Does your mother call you Pigeon?’ ‘No.’ ‘Then to me you are Paul.’ ... ‘Nathan Sutter,’ the teacher read. ‘My mother never calls me Nathan.’ ‘Is it Nate?’ ‘She calls me Honeylips.‘”
″‘Are you her boyfriend?’ ... ‘No, I’m her fiancé.’ Nate said. ‘We’ve been promised to each other since birth,’ Summer added. ‘Our wedding isn’t until March.‘”
″‘Not kill us,’ Pigeon corrected. ‘She was mainly just trying to turn us into mindless slaves.‘”
“Nate sat at the end of a sheetless mattress, bouncing a small rubber ball off the bare wall, keeping count of how many consecutive times he caught it.”
“You say you are aware of a plot by Belinda White?”
“Nate had considered using a Moon Rock to reach Mr. Stott’s house faster, but in broad daylight he felt he would be too conspicuous. Not everyone in town was consuming white fudge. Besides, leaping with a Moon Rock wasn’t that much faster than running. Thankfully, most of the way to Mr. Stott’s place was downhill.”
“Summer pretended to sneeze and spit her Moon Rock into the weeds. Her body grew heavier. ‘I don’t have time to stand around talking,’ she said. ‘Let’s just say, if I were you, I wouldn’t mess around with us anymore.’ She turned and walked away hurriedly.”
″‘What assignment?’ Nate inquired. ‘You told me that you’re explorers,’ Mrs. White said, leaning against a worktable. ‘I have a need specific to your talents. If you accept the mission, I will provide you with a variety of new candy to get the job done, with more as a reward upon completion.‘”
″‘We have a club,’ Pigeon said, receiving a glare from Summer. ‘What sort of club?’ Mrs. White asked. Pigeon looked to Summer. ‘We explore stuff,’ Summer said. ‘And ride bikes,’ Nate added.”
″‘Okay, I’ll do it first.’ He popped the Moon Rock into his mouth. ‘Feel any different?’ Pigeon asked eagerly. ‘A little,’ Nate said. ‘Sort of tingly. It tastes really good. I almost feel . . .’ He moved to take a step and floated up into the air. He rose slowly, his feet reaching the height of Trevor’s eyes before he drifted downward to land gently on the ground. ′ . . . lighter,′ Nate finished, bewildered.”
″‘Maybe I should have offered some of my secret candy instead,’ Mrs. White sighed in a quiet tone, as if talking to herself. ‘Secret candy?’ Nate asked, instantly intrigued. ‘My goodness,’ Mrs. White said. ‘Forget I mentioned it. I never bring up my secret candy on a first meeting. Which will it be, eggnog or brownie?‘”
″‘Are you the real Nate?’ Pigeon asked. ‘We’re all the real Nate,’ Nate said. ‘It’s complicated.‘”
“Nate had been spying on the candy shop for almost thirty minutes. His hour had to be waning. If he was going to risk a direct assault on the shop, he knew it was now or never.”
″‘Five days!’ Nate exclaimed. ‘Breaking a curse is no small matter,’ Mozag said. ‘Five days with greenish skin is a small price to pay. While you’re waiting, help yourself to the sardines.‘”
″‘No pulse,’ Nate confirmed. ‘Our hearts don’t need to beat, we breathe only out of habit . . . no wonder Mrs. White said we could get trapped in here forever.‘”
″‘Nate, why don’t you go outside for a while? I saw some kids playing out there.’ ‘But I don’t know them.’ ‘Then go get acquainted. When I was your age, I was friends with whoever happened to be out roaming the neighborhood.’ ‘Sounds like a good way to get stabbed by a hobo,’ Nate grumbled. ‘You know what I mean.‘”
“They hopped the curb and rode a short distance down the jogging path, stopping at the top of a steep slope covered in dry brush. Near the bottom of the slope, just before the ground leveled out, a ramp had been constructed. ‘You have to take that jump going full speed,’ Summer said. ‘Whatever!’ Nate exclaimed. ‘I’m not a stunt man. What are you planning to do, rob my corpse?‘”
“Mr. Stott had warned him that he would not be able to change the past. He had explained that everything he did would be something that had already happened. Which meant that trying to convince his friends he was a time traveler would be a dead end. He had already failed! With less than an hour to burn, he had to make the most of his time.”
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