ruling Quotes

Four of the best book quotes about ruling
″‘Then shall the king’s law be law of mercy from this day, and never more be law of blood! Up from thy knees and away! To the Tower and say the king decrees the duke of Norfolk shall not die!’ The words were caught up and carried eagerly from lip to lip far and wide over the hall, and as Hertford hurried from the presence, another prodigious shout burst forth— ‘The reign of blood is ended! Long live Edward, King of England!‘”
“Your father is still ruling you from the grave.”
Fleeing bandits, the group enters Tibet, where they meet the old Lama who rules a monastery. But then the Lama says they have been drawn to him by destiny.
‘Government’s an affair of sitting, not hitting. You rule with the brains and the buttocks, never with the fists. For example, there was the conscription of consumption.’
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