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Fleeing bandits, the group enters Tibet, where they meet the old Lama who rules a monastery. But then the Lama says they have been drawn to him by destiny.
Set at the time of the Chinese Boxer Rebellion of 1900. Theodore, the son of American missionaries, escapes when the rebels destroy his father’s settlement and falls in with a foul-mouthed female ex-music-hall star, now a plant-hunter.
Thirteen-year-old Theodore has lived in China all his life and never felt terror, until his father’s missionary settlement is attacked and burned in the night.
But when the Lama says they have been drawn to him by destiny, and insists that Theodore, Mrs Jones, and her young Chinese courier Lung hold the clue to the birth of the long-awaited Tulku, or reincarnated spiritual master, there seems to be no escape.
But before he reaches the smoldering wreckage he runs into the formidable Mrs. Jones, a botanist and adventurer who’s traveling across China on horseback with her young companion, Lung.
There are bandits that are attacking them when a Buddhist monk stops it. The monk has been looking for their spiritual master Tulku to lead them.
Once in Tibet, they meet the Lama Amachi who rules the Buddhist monastery in Dong Pe. He had set out on a journey, as was tradition, to find the Tulku, or the riencarnated spirit of the late Dalai Lama.
A botanist, Mrs Jones is a feisty, aging, good-hearted woman who has an amazing (and eye-opening) vocabulary and who adopts Theodore into her band of travelers.
Theodore follows his father’s orders and hides in the forest, only creeping back the next morning to see if anything—or anyone—has survived.
They flee together into Tibet, and reach a major Tibetan temple. With his strict Calvinistic upbringing Theodore is at first repelled and horrified by lamaistic Buddhism, but eventually comes to terms with it.

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