Santa Possit Quotes

Six of the best book quotes from Santa Possit
“You have become clever all of a sudden.”
“Of course, many friends and relations might just as well not be there for all the good they do anybody. But most people have a few nice ones. Peter and Santa had nobody.”
“You must find a place of us. Here you sit and all you say is it can’t be helped. But it’s got to be helped. I won’t live somewhere else than Peter.”
“If ever a dig in the ribs meant ‘Don’t be a fool, trust me,’ that one did.”
“Santa was amazed. It did not sound a bit like Peter talking. Such a grand, quiet, that-is-my-last-word-I-don’t-want-to-be-argued-with kind of voice, just like a grown up person’s.”
“It seemed odd to become as fond of anybody in a short time as Santa had of Bill. He saw them onto the bus for King’s Cross, and as the bus moved off she had a lump in her throat as if she were saying good-bye to an old friend.”
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