severe dyslexia Quotes

Five of the best book quotes about severe dyslexia
Solomon decides to work on his dyslexia. Wow, big surprise. His dad might start going to alcoholics meetings. The wondrous teacher leaves because she is so good (after a week or two), that she gets a promotion.
Solomon doesn’t have it easy. He’s dyslexic, and his struggles at school are made worse by a bully of a teacher. Life at home isn’t easy either.
It starts as a realistic novel, describing the desolate situation of a boy trying to cope with severe dyslexia. But the author adds too many problems. His mom has left, his dad is an unreliable alcoholic, his teacher an unbelievably one-dimensional bully.
When the spirit of a witch is released, Solomon is the only person who can fight it.
It is about a boy with dyslexia. His teacher bully’s him and he often skives off school and hides in a graveyard. He sits under a rowan tree. But he didn’t know that rowan trees were planted to ward off evil.
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