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Seven of the best book quotes about to hide
“where do all the memories go, the ones we hide away with lock & key yet continue to shape us all the same?”
It is about a boy with dyslexia. His teacher bully’s him and he often skives off school and hides in a graveyard. He sits under a rowan tree. But he didn’t know that rowan trees were planted to ward off evil.
“Whatever it is that makes you want to hide, you have two choices – learn to love it or change it.”
“She and the boy skinned the bear. Then they made a fire and cooked some meat. ‘Why should that old man have good?’ she muttered, gorging herself. ‘He is blind and useless.’ She did not notice the boy hide some meat in his robe.”
“Ping hid behind the grasses, and as the dark came and the pale moon shone in the sky Ping watched the wise eyed boat slowly sail away down the Yangtze river.”
Theodore follows his father’s orders and hides in the forest, only creeping back the next morning to see if anything—or anyone—has survived.
“The most fun of all for Bruce was rock tumbling. There were lots of rocks in Forevergreen Forest - great jumbles of them. With a swipe of a paw the bear sent them tumbling down the steep slopes three and four at a time. The tumbling rocks shattered logs and flattened the bushes and brush, leaving no place for the rabbits and quail to hide. So they took off in a panic to go leaping and dodging and flying pell-mell in every direction.”
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