Sophia (The Summer Book) Quotes

Five of the best book quotes from Sophia (The Summer Book)
″‘It’s funny about love’, Sophia said. ‘The more you love someone, the less he likes you back.’ ‘That’s very true,’ Grandmother observed. ‘And so what do you do?’ ‘You go on loving,’ said Sophia threateningly. ‘You love harder and harder.‘”
“Smell is important. It reminds a person of all the things he’s been through; it is a sheath of memories and security.”
“Now everything was changed. She walked about with cautious, anxious steps, staring constantly at the ground, on the lookout for things that crept and crawled. Bushes were dangerous, and so were sea grass and rain water.”
″‘It’s funny about me,’ Sophia said. ‘I always feel like such a nice girl whenever there’s a storm.‘”
″ can’t depend on people who just let things happen.”
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