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10 of the best book quotes from Sylvia Sherry
“Set in the back streets of Liverpool, this story deals with teenage gangs, break-ins and a brittle and unstable family, one of whom is in jail after a frame-up.”
“Rocky O’Rourke is 13 and lives in the poor part of Liverpool with his mother and step-sister. ”
“As leader of the street gang he fights, plays football, sneaks lorry rides and breaks into empty buildings.”
“When he gets involved with a London gangster he realizes the danger of real crime.”
“Billy Griffiths limped down the last flight of stairs, one hand clutching the bannister for support. In the harsh neon light, his face was screwed up with effort and anxiety. ”
“He clutched the handlebars of his bike and prayed no policeman and none of Chick’s lot came along and found him. If there was any danger, he had to give the cry of an owl three times.”
“Billy sat on his tricycle in the shadows of the staircase, listening to the footsteps of passers-by on the road and the rush of traffic along Catherine Street.”
“He shone his torch for the others to follow, then showed them the small space, congested with water tanks, that they had to cross. The boards squeaked under their feet and they held their breath with apprehension.”
“They were standing outside the newsagent’s shop in Larkspur Lane, the small row of shops that lay at the bottom of the steps leading out of the south end of St Catherine’s Square.”
“Rocky’s first hero was his elder brother Joey __′our kid’ as Rocky always called him. Joey was in prison for stealing but only because, as he told Rocky, he’d been framed. It was only treachery could out a clever fellow like Joey in clink.”

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