Tamara Roxanne Hatcher Quotes

Four of the best book quotes from Tamara Roxanne Hatcher
“Soon, instead of calling her The Baby, Mom started saying dumb things, like ‘How’s my little Tootsie-Wootsie?’ as if The Baby could answer her.”
“What was Sheila Tubman talking about? I looked the same as always. And why did she think Tootsie was lucky not to look like me? Unless it was my ears. Lately, they seemed too big.”
″‘Do you love me mommy?’ ‘Yes, very much.’ ‘Then get rid of Tootsie,’ Fudge said. ‘I’m sick of her. She’s no fun.‘”
″... whenever we had company, Fudge tried to sell Tootsie. ‘You like the baby?’ he’d ask. ‘Oh yes... she’s just adorable.’ ‘You can have her for a quarter.‘”
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