The Bears’ Famous Invasion Of Sicily Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from The Bears’ Famous Invasion Of Sicily
“Leonzio also hopes to find his son Tonio, kidnapped by hunters a few years earlier.”
“He possesses a magic wand, which can however be used only twice and which he retains to heal himself if he becomes ill.”
“After a first day of unsuccessful fighting, the animals have the upper hand thanks to the ingenious inventions of the Frangipane bear, which allow them to enter the city.”
“It tells the story of a group of bears living in the mountains of Sicily under the command of King Leonzio. ”
“The bears feast in the enemy camp, where they meet Professor De Ambrosiis, the Grand Duke’s sorcerer and ex-astrologer who he sacked for having predicted the fall of his kingdom.”
“Leonzio and some of his followers break into the Excelsior theater, where the Grand Duke, kept by his collaborators unaware of the real situation, is witnessing the final show of the evening: Tonio, forced to perform as an acrobat. ”
“During a particularly harsh winter the bears find themselves without food, and then decide to invade the Grand Duchy of Sicily to survive.”
“Professor De Ambrosiis, however, is forced to perform a spell to save the bears and himself from the attack of the boar army of the Sire of Molfetta, cousin and ally of the Grand Duke”
″ This spell consists in causing the boars to swell until they then explode in the sky. After several adventures, the bears reach the capital of the Grand Duchy, where they hope to find plenty of food.”
“The Grand Duke sends his army against the bears, whose inferiority is clear: the animals would be doomed if it were not for the intervention of their most valiant and strong warrior, the bear Babbone.”
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