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40 of the best book quotes about juvenile fiction
“Catch it if you can,′ cried September, and he threw the ball right over Christopher’s head and down into the gooseberry bushes. Then he leapt down, laughing, from the tree and Christopher slid down after him.”
“A group of little gooseberry boys came rushing out of the bushes and started chasing after the ball. They were soon all in a heap, fighting over it. But the gooseberry girls had stayed by their bushes.”
“Christopher didn’t have any brothers or sisters so he usually played on his own. One autumn day, he was playing with a new ball in the garden.”
“Some say he will come again to save us from ourselves, but how or when that is to be I do not know.”
“Together, words and pictures reveal how respect for others can be the first step toward true friendship and real understanding. And, as any good fable should, it does it all without preaching its moral or losing its sense of humor.”
“The two maidens passed once more before the table, and to Sir Gawain it seemed that there were three; and looking up it appeared to him that the Grail was high up in the air.”
“Long ago in the land of the Tlingit, there lived a young princess named Kchokeen. She was the only daughter in a family of many sons, and was admired for her intelligence as well as her beauty.”
“In a coastal bay in the land of Tlingit, huge waves arise without warning, engulfing even the largest war canoe in an instant.”
“But where did he come from? Has he been sent to her for a reason? Who will explain his mystery to her? ”
“When he had driven down to the village and made his delivery to the Produce Stall, Farmer Hogget walked across the green, past the Hoopla Stall and the Coconut Shy and the Aunt Sally and the skittles and the band, to the source of the squealing noise, which came very now and again from a small pen of hurdles in a far corner, against the churchyard wall.”
“They hadn’t travelled far when someone squawked and cursed. This was followed by uneasy laughter. Something flew past Yukin, its wings pushing it through the air like a swift arrow.”
“It doesn’t matter,′ said Jack. ‘And I’m not telling you any more because I’m going to bed.’ A week passed and Jach ate lunch with Tashi every day. And every day he heard a marvellous adventure.”
“This fairly short book tells of two families, one Catholic and one Protestant. Sadie and Kevin fall in love but have different backgrounds.”
“The boa constrictor is a very helpful pet especially when there are burglars in the neighborhood.”
“Hobberdy Dick is the hobgoblin who protects Widford Manor and has for countless years. ”
“But suddenly the horse becomes the pawn in another game - a deadly race against time between a ruthless gang of train robbers.”
“The story of Crictor, the versatile boa constrictor, who belongs to Miss Bodot the teacher.”
“Smithy backed round the corner without replying to that question. Billy Bunter had found a safe refuge, and Vernon-Smith had to leave him to it. His only consolation was to resolve to burst William George Bunter all over Greyfriars School when he saw him again.”
“As well as shaping his body into letters and numbers, he can chase away burglars, and ends up as a local hero.”
“His tight trousers against which boots and canes are constantly thudding, his astuteness in search of food, his Postal Order which never turns up, have make his famous wherever the Union Jack waves.”
“Willam George Bunter sat silent, staring indifferently at Mr. Quelch. A ray of sunlight from the window was reflected on his big spectacles, making them gleam almost like headlights.”
“Madame Bodot mothered her new pet, feeding it bottles of milk. She bought palm trees so Crictor would really feel at home. As dog do when they are happy, he wagged his tail.”
“I’ll give ‘im an ‘appy birthday ‘e’ll remember as long as ‘e’ lives’, he went on, planting a single candle in the centre of the cake...‘...which won’t be very long! Ah-harrh!”
“But he is determined to fix things up to his satisfaction as only a hobgoblin can do.”
“They gout out of the dangerous downdraught, but it left them only six hundred feet above the rocky bottom of the pass. In vain Terry tried to bring the plane up. So much banking and wheeling was necessary to avoid the cliffs that the little plane had no energy left for climbing.”
“Capitan Pugwash was very excited. Tomorrow was his birthday, and already the crew were dressing up the ship with all the flags they could lay their hands on.”
“But one sad day when Mr Potter came back from a holiday at the seaside he found a big grocer’s shop just across the street. It was a horrible shop with a horrible name. It was called the Hygienic (which only means clean) Emporium (which only mean shop) Company Limited.
“Billy Bunter’s sudden enthusiasm for the summer game seemed to have petered out as suddenly as it had arisen! It had, in fact, lasted exactly as long as was required to get his line done!”
“The bears feast in the enemy camp, where they meet Professor De Ambrosiis, the Grand Duke’s sorcerer and ex-astrologer who he sacked for having predicted the fall of his kingdom.”
“I stay out in the surf all Sunday morning. I stay out in the surf all Sunday afternoon. I spend nearly all Sunday in the water, because next week I won’t be able to surf at all.”
“He’ll miss all the things he’s leaving behind, but at least he has Bear. He loves Bear more than anything else in the world—because Bear is his dog.
“Sure enough, they do—a little girl named Tacy. And from the moment they meet at Betsy’s fifth birthday party, Betsy and Tacy becoms such good friends that everyone starts to think of them as one person—Betsy-Tacy.”
“What was wrong with being a goody-goody? As a child who hated getting in trouble, I did whatever was necessary to keep the adults happy, and never once saw the inside of the principal’s office.”
“Betsy Ray sat in a rowboat which was anchored in Babcock’s Bay, two watery miles opposite Murmuring Lake Inn, where the Ray family had been spending the summer.”
“Phil Brandish had been the great outstanding triumph of Betsy’s sophomore year. She had tried that year to acquire a new personality, to act Dramatic and Mysterious, and in this role she had captured Phil Brandish’s interest.”
“If they pool their resources and take turns spending the whole amount, they can each have at least one memorable Saturday afternoon of their own.”
“There is ten-year-old Miranda “Randy” who loves to dance and paint; and thoughtful Oliver, who is six.”
“I want to be a strong sailing ship’” the second tree said. ‘I will be the strongest ship in the world.”
“One day three wood-cutters climbed the mountain. With a swoop of the first man’s axe, the first tree fell.”
...” bur no mighty sailing ships were built that day. Instead the once strong tree was made into a simple fishing boat.”

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