The Great Escape from City Zoo Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from The Great Escape from City Zoo
“There had been some strange goings-on at City Zoo for some time. Something was brewing.”
“Then, under a full moon, it happened. An anteater, an elephant, a turtle, and a flamingo went over the wall. They broke out of city zoo.”
“Trouble eventually caught up with them during a daring visit to a truckstop. The turtle fell on his back and couldn’t get up.”
“And though over time, many versions have arisen, some wildly exaggerated, others plainly false, you will find no truer account than this, of those extraordinary events that surrounded The Great Escape from City Zoo.”
“They wore disguises so that no one would notice them so that they could blend in.”
“He actually ended up living on the out quite successfully- renting a tiny flat, and holding down a regular job... until the day he fainted outside a taxidermist’s.”
“They took the train to the end of the line and picked up jobs out there, working on the railways. Then people started asking questions and it was time to move on.”
“Things were finally working out. But the elephant blew it when he could no longer resist the fountain in town.”
“Back in City Zoo, stories of their escape were being celebrated in every cage. They had fast become heroes- the stuff of legends.”
“And the flamingo? Although there were records of unconfirmed sightings, no one knew if he was dead or alive!”
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