The Magic Pocket Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from The Magic Pocket
“A rabbit came to me and said, ‘Please give me a name.’ When I named him Hoppitty. He tried a big hop, then laughed a little and went away.”
“Two little chickens climbed up a hill.Where’s the hill? ‘There! Mommy’s back, Mommy’s the hill. Two little chicken climbed up a hill. What’s your lunch? ‘Grains of rice, one for each.”
“Twist and climb, crawl through and climb, climb up, climb up, the jungle, jungle gym. When you reach the goal, there at the top. Ya Ho,Ya Ho Ho!”
“Fingers, fingers, fingers, all in a row no quarrel. Nails, nails, nails, finger’s faces. Sweet!”
“Hermit Crab, evert day you move. where is your house today? My new address is, number 1-3, under a splash of wave.”
“inside the pocket there’s one cookie. Hit the pocket, there are two! Hit it again. There are three. The more I hit it. The more there are! I wish I had a pocket like that! I wish I had a pocket like that!”
“Sound of a piano-Po Ron, one plum cherry. A big bass drum-Do Don, and enormous wave. Castanets - Keke, a slice of pickle. Sound of a trumpet- PePo, bread with sweet soybeans.”
“Umbrella, umbrella, the world’s most happy, go-lucky flower. Shutting, opening, walking, running. Umbrella, umbrella, the world’s biggest flower, perfectly covering Mommy, perfectly covering Daddy.”
“Wouldn’t it be nice If a baby elephant came to my house saying, ‘Let’s play together’ Wouldn’t it be nice, Mommy? Wouldn’t it be nice if a baby bear came to my house saying, ‘Let’s play together”
“Black Goat received White Goat’s letter. He ate it up before he read it. ‘Oo-la-la! What shall I do?’ He wrote a letter asking, ‘what, by the way, did your letter say?”
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