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10 of the best book quotes about to laugh
“He must have realized his laugh was like one of those paper shredders making a sad confetti of my hopes.”
″...laugh as often and sing, for tears are plentier than smiles in this little world of ours...”
“The two men laughed together creakily, almost affectionately. They had been together on the ship for ten years and, as they controlled the highly saleable stores on the ship, between them they had swindled the Admiralty and the British public out of some thousands of pounds.”
“Order the wedding banquet right away. But I’m asking one favor of you: since those three crones made me laugh so hard, let me invite them to the banquet.”
“A rabbit came to me and said, ‘Please give me a name.’ When I named him Hoppitty. He tried a big hop, then laughed a little and went away.”
″ ‘Laugh while you can,’ warned the witch, ‘but just wait. I’ll have the last laugh, Mister Bear. Oh, indeed I will!’ ”
“To think that you can laugh; you, who have met with the most terrible misfortune that can possibly happen to a human being!”
“They still laughed at his ridiculous dignity; and they loved to tease him to see him stiffen with rage and hear his choky little growls; but they liked his independence and admired his tremendous pluck.”
“Can you keep a secret? I don’t believe you can! You mustn’t laugh, You mustn’t cry, But do the best you can.”
“You have a beautiful laugh. Like the promise of tomorrow.”
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