to move Quotes

Six of the best book quotes about to move
“I think I’ll move to Australia.”
“From somewhere quite near he heard a muffled ‘Grrrrr,’ followed by, ‘Did somebody say something?’ Little Bear moved a few things aside and there, propped up against a cardboard box and covered in dust, was Old Bear.”
“I’ve had quite enough. I wish that she’d move and take all her stuff.”
The slightly dysfunctional family in this book and the way they are making the best of a bad situation. After a marriage breakup they are forced to move across the country and squeeze in with Grandma in her tiny house by the train tracks.
“Everyone and everything moved much faster now than before. ”
“Hermit Crab, evert day you move. where is your house today? My new address is, number 1-3, under a splash of wave.”
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