Graham Greene Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from Graham Greene
“Everybody for miles around Goose Lane used to buy their groceries at Mr. Potter’s shop. He had three assistants and Tim the errand boy and three cats to keep away mice. He also had a pony called Brandy.”
“Mr Potter is a proud shopkeeper with a busy shop, until one day a big superstore opens across the street.”
″ It is based on things that really happened, when the face of transport and shopping were being changed by new ways. ”
“The new store has a delivery service so Mr Potter employs an old little horse bus to deliver his wares.”
“How the pony, Brandy, and the horse bus, help Mr. Potter resolve this crisis is the crux of the story and a more exciting adventure than you might think, including thieves, a dramatic chase scene and very happy ending.
“But when the superstore’s delivery cart is stolen there is only one little horse bus to save the day!”
“Mr. Potter’s Shop is the place where everyone does their marketing. Until the Hygienic Emporium opens up. Desperately trying to compete with a grand hansom cab used by the emporium for deliveries, Mr. Potter tidies up an old horse bus.”
“It is a sweet little story about a grocer named Mr. Potter whose livelihood is threatened by the opening of a fancy new emporium.”
“But one sad day when Mr Potter came back from a holiday at the seaside he found a big grocer’s shop just across the street. It was a horrible shop with a horrible name. It was called the Hygienic (which only means clean) Emporium (which only mean shop) Company Limited.
“The Hygienic Emporium delivered the parcels in a hansom cab with a smart chestnut mare called Beauty. The driver wore a top hat and he carried a whip with ribbons. It was a very smart turn-out and pleased the grownups.”

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