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18 of the best book quotes about a dog
“If a dog is to have a hiding, and has never been knows to steal again. I gave it to him at once, directly after the crime had been committed. If a dog is to have a hiding, give it to him immediately after the ofence; then he knows and understands what it is for.”
“A young boy who loves to paint comes home to find his dog has been trying out some painting of his own.”
Way home follows a young boy called Shane and a stray cat that Shane has decided to home. During their journey home, Shane and the cat experience many dangerous encounters such as a gang of lads and a dog.
“His family combed and brushed him lovingly, and he became once again a white dog with black spots.”
“Harry was a white dog with black spots who liked everything, except...getting a bath”
“Harry gave up and walked slowly toward the gate...”
“He played where they were fixing the street and got very dirty.”
“In fact, he changed from a white dog with black spots to a black dog with white spots”
“He jumped into the bathtub and sat up begging, with the scrubbing brush in his mouth, a trick he certainly had never done before.”
“Although there were many other things to do, Harry began to wonder if his family thought that he had really run away.”
“He felt tired and hungry too, so without stopping on the way he ran back home.”
“He slept so soundly he didn’t even feel the scrubbing brush he’d hidden under his pillow.”
“Harry’s bath was the soapiest one he’d ever had. It worked like magic.”
“He has a dog, Tim, a stray who just arrived at the cottage, one day shortly after the Harrison family moved in.”
“He’ll miss all the things he’s leaving behind, but at least he has Bear. He loves Bear more than anything else in the world—because Bear is his dog.
“Hannah lives in the city. What she wants, more than anything else in the world, is a dog of her own.”
“So what does Ben do? He imagines a dog so small that only he can see it, play with it and care for it. But in becoming so engrossed in imagining this creature, Ben loses touch with the real world and a tragic accident happens which calls on the family to consider everyone’s futures.”
“I have a dog that looks like a cat. His name is Weenie. Sometimes I put sunglasses on him. I have a turtle. His name is Skipperdee. He eats raisins and wears sneakers. The Plaza is the only hotel in New York that will allow you to have a turtle.”
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