Selma Lagerlof Quotes

Nine of the best book quotes from Selma Lagerlof
“If that city, which he had seen, had not sunk into the sea again, then it would perhaps become as dilapidated as this one in a little while. Perhaps it could not have withstood time and decay, but would have stood there with roofless churches and bare houses and desolate, empty streets–just like this one. Then it was better that it should re- main in all its glory down in the deep.”
“For now he understood that the elf had bewitched him, and that the creature whose image he saw in the glass- was he, himself.”
“He felt that he had entered into an agreement with something weird and uncanny; something which did not belong to his world, and he was only too glad to get rid of the horrid thing.”
“And while he sought, he cried and prayed and promised everything he could think of.”
“Smirre Fox thought he could catch her without much effort, but he was afraid of failure now, and concluded to let her fly past–unmolested.”
“To think that you can laugh; you, who have met with the most terrible misfortune that can possibly happen to a human being!”
“He wasn’t good for much, that boy. His chief delight was to eat and sleep; and after that–he liked best to make mischief.”
“I’ll let you go this time, for my mistress’s sake. I only wanted you to know which one of us two has the power now.”
“The boy wanted to tell them how he regretted that he had been unkind to them; and that never, never-from now on- should he be anything but good.”
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