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Six of the best book quotes about last
“I will tell you only this: that you are one of the Old Ones, the first to have been born for five hundred years, and the last. And like all such, you are bound by nature to devote yourself to the long conflict between the Light and the Dark.”
″ ‘What must be, must be. The luck of the house hangs on that clock. Its maker spent a good part of his life over it, and his last words were that it would bring good luck to the house that owned it, but that trouble would follow its silence. It’s my belief,’ she added solemnly, ‘that it’s a fairy clock, neither more nor less, for good luck it has brought there’s no denying.’ ”
“Ping knew he would be the last, the very last if he crossed the bridge. Ping did not want to be spanked.”
“There, that cloud contains the Turks, the real Turks, and these men next to me, spitting tobacco, are veterans of Christendom, and this bugle now sounding its attack, the first attack in my life, and this roaring and shaking, this shooting star plunging to earth and treated with languid irritation by veterans and horses is a cannon ball, the first enemy cannon ball I’ve ever seen. May it not be the day when I’ll say- ‘And it’s my last.‘”
“When Katy hit the curve she took off like a kite, High over the treetops on her first and last flight, That would quickly have ended poor Katy caboose If it hadn’t been for two towering spruce. The caboose became caught in a very tight squeeze Between the tall trunks of two evergreen trees.”
″ ‘Laugh while you can,’ warned the witch, ‘but just wait. I’ll have the last laugh, Mister Bear. Oh, indeed I will!’ ”
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